Capes and Cool Scarves – End of Summer Retrospective

Last week, this site passed its half-year anniversary, although technically the material I posted way back then was already a year or two old.


Not quite a birthday yet, but I’m still celebrating! Either way, I’ve since then written over 60 articles – mostly related to tokusatsu shows, but I’ve tried to express my interests in other superhero stories in various ways. First, I wanted to take a moment of time to thank all the readers who come back each week to read my ramblings about dudes in spandex costumes punching monsters in the face. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place, much less putting out two or three articles each week on the subject.

I don’t intend to use this site to talk about personal topics regularly, my life is very boring in comparison, but I did want to make a quick post to explain the direction of this site going forward. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a science teacher as my day job, and with the close of summer, I’m starting back to that work at a new position. Returning to full-time work, along with learning the ropes at a completely new school, will most likely mean that my posts here will start to slow down a bit.

I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to do my Ex-Aid recaps weekly, and many things lined up to allow me to write, edit, and publish them extremely quickly. First and foremost, it’s due to the hard work of RTA subs, who have translated, timed, and released subtitles for Ex-Aid within 24 hours of its airing. That’s a phenomenal amount of work, and has allowed me to watch the new episodes immediately on Sunday mornings, and finish the article itself in the afternoon. But with Ex-Aid wrapping up in the next few weeks, and Build starting afterwards, the question of who will be providing subs for the new season is still up in the air. If another group (or RTA itself) can get speed-subs out in the same time frame, and with the same level of quality, then I’ll keep up my end of the deal and prioritize my recap schedule for Build as well.

Without those subs though, my schedule would have to shift around, and the release of my other posts with it. Never fear though, I have no intention of ending my weekly recap posts entirely, it would just be a question of how quickly I can have them finished and published. Overall, it takes about three to four hours to write them, in between watching the episode, grabbing screencaps to use, then actually writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting images for the page. My Geed posts take a little bit longer, since I generally wind up doing extra research for the lore posts that accompany them. It’s not that hard to find that time on the weekends though, or in bits and pieces throughout the week, even alongside work.

So, long story short: don’t expect the recap posts to stop, even though they may wind up being a week behind, depending on what kind of sub releases I can count on.

What will probably become more sporadic, though, are the other article topics I cycle through in addition to my recap posts. I try to evenly space them between movie reviews, discussion about comics, or commentary pieces on other toku series I watch through in addition to the new releases. But, again, my ability to watch a lot of series is going to be cut dramatically with the start of my new position, so those releases may change to be featured every other week. Again, it’ll depend on a lot of factors, such as how well the new job goes, and just basically what interests me enough to drive me to sit down and write. Sometimes it’s easy to get inspiration for them and the articles come quickly. Sometimes they don’t.

I do all this for free, so if my release schedule interferes with my ability to cut a paycheck in the meat-space, then I have to prioritize that pay-check. Welcome to adulting!

All that being said, I love the opportunity to sit down and discuss interests that I have no outlet for in my regular day-to-day life, so don’t expect me to disappear from this site entirely. I’d love to be able to expand this even more, maybe feature work from other contributors, or dip my toes into other media like podcasts. It’s only been six months, and already I feel like it’s grown a lot more than I expected starting out, I’m excited to see where Capes and Cool Scarves will be next year, or two years from now.

All this expansion is driven by you readers, your feedback and interest. If you enjoy what you read here (or don’t) I’m more than happy to respond to comments on the site, or through my main Twitter account. Want me to tackle a specific series or topic? Have suggestions or want to contribute something yourself? Drop me a line, I’m always eager to try new things on the site, and love hearing back as to what people are interested in seeing.

That’s all for now, thank you again for sticking with my pretentiousness for so long already and I hope you’ll keep coming back in the future.


You guys are the real heroes of this site!


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