Moviews: Super Mario Bros. (The Movie)

A good friend of mine – and co-host on the Comic Chromosome podcast – writes a few thoughts on an underappreciated piece of Raygun Gothic sci-fi, and its more modern representation in an unlikely place!

Unsourced Wall

After a handful of recaps about Quantum Leap, time to start a segment that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while. This will be different than “Blind Leaps” in one crucial aspect: it’s going to be about movies and my thoughts on whichever ones I feel like talking about. Almost none of them will be about currently out movies, mainly because I don’t feel like screen capping trailers. Much like Blind Leaps, however, prepare for some irreverence.

The first movie I’ve chosen for “Moviews” is none other than the Super Mario Bros. movie. Not only is it infamous for being a bad video game movie before anyone realized “bad” and “video game movie” were standard issue, but also for being a mess plot-wise. Unsurprising given the various script rewrites and on-set changes, that ultimately spell death for any production. I’m here to look at it a different way, here…

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