Introduction – It Lives!

Most of the people who have followed me to this blog know me as @SunglassPri on Twitter. I try to keep my posts there, as well as on other social media as anonymous as possible because I work as a teacher as a day job, and dislike my online profile being hooked to my professional identity. All you need to know about me is that I’m a mid-twenties female with an obsession with heroic narratives and a lecture mode that does not come with an “Off” switch.

Disclaimer out of the way, welcome to my blog! I’ve been posting for years in bits and pieces in message boards, on twitter, and in other places about my interests. These include video games, music, movies, TV shows, and more recently comic books and Japanese tokusatsu. However, as I’ve delved further into some of these pieces of media, I started to find these mediums a bit restrictive to express my thoughts.

So that’s essentially the purpose of this space – to provide me with a larger word count in order to get some more complex ideas and arguments down on paper. The first several posts I will be putting up will be mostly restating things I’ve posted on Twitter or elsewhere already (this is not the first blog I’ve had by any means, I’ve been posting nerd commentary since 2008).

That’s about everything for now. Watch this space for more material to be added soon. Feel free to contact me through Twitter at @SunglassPri.


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